Chris Martinez: New Program Manager for SWMS


Supporting Samaritan’s Purse, a non-profit that is helping NYC’s overwhelmed hospitals

COVID-19 has truly upended our society and changed so much of our cultural norms. At the time this article is published, over six hundred thousand cases have been diagnosed. People from all walks of life have been affected by this horrible disease. Family members and friends are staying in isolation due to the chance of catching this virus. First responders and health care professionals are working around the clock to provide care to the thousands who have been infected. In order to help with this crisis, St. Michael’s Inc.

St. Michael’s Inc. Implements Student Loan Repayment Program

(Woodbridge, VA) April 7, 2020 – As the student loan bubble continues to grow, the average person with student loans is $31,000 in debt. St. Michael’s Inc., an employee owned, small government contracting firm that specializes in defense financial management, partnered with Peanut Butter to implement a student loan repayment program at $50 a month that will mitigate the burdens of student debt for internal teammates.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Supporting Triangle Elementary School

Students around the United States celebrated March 2nd as the unofficial school holiday known as Read Across America in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. The holiday was created in 1997 to encourage more students to read. Many classes read Dr. Seuss books like The Lorax, Hop on Pop and The Cat in the Hat. Libraries decorate in Seussical attire while displaying many of the works of the great children’s author in order to get more children excited about reading. Reading not only helps their vocabulary and writing skills, it helps their whole development.

Change in Technology Means Little without a Change of Mindset

The Department of Defense (DoD) continues to seek ways to automate redundant tasks and eliminate inefficiencies from its financial systems and business processes… Enter Robotic Process Automation or “Bots”. Bot teams across the Department have been busy interviewing stakeholders, documenting processes, and designing/developing bots to assist with rudimentary tasks. The goal is simple – identify ways to have computers replace repetitive tasks performed by analysts so that they can spend a majority of their time analyzing.


As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), we help government agencies achieve socio-economic contracting goals.