“St. Michael’s offers financial management support services including tracking of financial assets for other organizations to facilitate financial management and oversight.

St. Michael’s also offers account auditing, audit readiness, audit support services, review and analysis of organizational transactions, as well as the preparation, organization, and presentation of documents and data requested by government agencies.

St. Michael’s offers advice on government audit processes, policies and strategy.”

CrossPoint® consolidates St. Michael’s collective experience into an easy to use reference source that allows consistent and superior assistance to our federal government clients through a unified and comprehensive resource.

  • Manage and improve multiple, highly complex processes simultaneously
  • Respond to standard and unanticipated requirements
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with legislation, regulations, policyguidance, and standards
  • Achieve synergies, cost-savings, and economies of scale
  • Plan for and adapt to evolving financial and business systems and processes
  • Migrate successful solutions from one office or directorate to others withsimilar, but distinct needs in a timely, cohesive manner

CrossPoint® is applicable to all projects, including technically challenging requirements, and provides a pathway through complex business environment to improve levels of financial and program management success.

St. Michael’s developed CrossPoint® to help our project leaders and customers achieve a comprehensive environment that complies with legislative, regulatory and policy guidance and professional standards while providing our execution teams with a toolkit specifically tailored to achieve delivery of consistently superior audit readiness, program management and financial management services.

Ask how we can use CrossPoint® to assist your organization achieve “Success On Target™”

As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), we help government agencies achieve socio-economic contracting goals.