WHY did we partner with Adobe?

Internal controls typically fail due to overly-manual and ineffective processes. Strong internal controls will enable the capture and process of information as it relates to evidential matter (EM), protect the EM content, and maintain workflow management. To assist with addressing all these requirements, St. Michael’s leverages Adobe LiveCycle as a solution to help standardize and streamline the process through automation for our clients. By implementing Adobe, our clients are able to: capture and process information; communicate with end users; and protect EM content.

WHEN did we start offering this solution to clients?

St. Michael’s joined the Adobe Solution Partner Program in December 2015.

WHAT does this partnership mean for you?

St. Michael’s leverages our relationship with Adobe to develop solutions focused on individual client needs. The relationship will allow St. Michael’s to support our customer with automation and standardization of their process.

Leveraging Adobe LiveCycle will not only assist our clients with standardizing and automating processes, but will support the agency/service with maintaining electronic documentation. This is important to sufficiently support audit requirements related to EM.  Utilizing our Adobe solution will allow the users to:

  • Complete PDF documents and forms online or offline
    • Allows recipients to save copies locally for their records
    • Supports centralized storage of complete and standardized EM packets
  • Save local hard drive PDF documents to enable retention of original documents and additional comments, data, and/or attachments
  • Attach files and media clips to PDF documents
  • Sign, certify, and authenticate PDF documents by applying digital signatures
  • Submit completed or annotated PDF documents electronically
  • Use PDF documents and forms as an intuitive development front-end solution to internal databases and web services
  • Share PDF documents with others so that reviewers can add comments

Adobe LiveCycle is another example of how St. Michael’s is never satisfied with the status quo. We are always seeking more efficient ways of helping clients through the audit process, and in turn, we help our customers recognize more advanced audit sustainment best practices.