Take Command of Your Back Office®

Fast, reliable information is vital to any organization and inefficient back office operations hinder agency efforts to obtain this important information. At St. Michael’s, we specialize in streamlining your back office processes to complement mission requirements in the following areas:

  • Review acquisition guidance for currency and verify it meets Federal-level guidance
  • Synchronize your organization’s acquisition practices and policies to Federal policies
  • Identify and document deficiencies and/or weaknesses with current acquisition policies
  • Recommend courses of action (COAs) to senior management to remediate deficiencies/weaknesses
  • Create custom reports related to acquisition and maintain a central database
  • Provide subject matter expertise to review, analyze, recommend and prepare acquisition documentation to support DoD paperless contracting initiatives
  • Optimize time saving opportunities by streamlining processes and allowing resource managers to become more efficient analysts spending less time pulling and formatting data
  • Innovatively display activities with financial impacts
  • Drill-down from summary level information to detailed transaction views
  • Monitor and control resources, drive decisions, and enable reporting
  • Build viable products using existing Microsoft Office Suite applications like Excel and Access, and incorporating client requirements into the final design
  • Enhance financial system functionality without needing to invest in new, expensive software
  • Support and improve organizational policy development
  • Conduct studies and analysis of business related processes
  • Support management and administration procedures, including program and/or project management and administration
  • Research and develop activities, including professional advice and assistance about management
  • Generate information; advise; provide alternatives, analysis, and evaluations; and recommend best practices to Government personnel.
  • Provide program management, planning, studies and capabilities development support
  • Liaise between your organization and others to enable open and candid communications
  • Research and develop acquisition and contracting support strategies consistent with your areas of emphasis
  • Analyze technical requirements of ongoing projects and new opportunities
  • Conduct cost analysis and provide feasible alternatives to management prior to making investment decisions

Back Office Key Success Story

St. Michael’s provided Subject Matter Expertise (SME) support in the areas of Human Resources (HR) and Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) of the Military Departments and the Intelligence Community (IC) by helping a client understand relationships outside their activity. We conducted a review of existing competency frameworks, career roadmaps, education and training to assess the need to modify or develop new frameworks, roadmaps and training. Upon completion of reviews, we conducted focus groups with key stakeholders to evaluate existing competencies, career paths, education and training, and identified areas for improvement and new development. Daily coordination with Intelligence Community (IC) Senior Executive Staffs were key as we coordinated logistics/communications for scheduling and holding focus groups, identified focus group participants and key stakeholders. St. Michael’s developed questions and interview guides for 37 Senior Executive Staff, and Senior Leadership (civilian and military). As a result, The HUMINT Career Path Guide was approved by the agency Director and published for full dissemination across the entire agency.