Let’s Make Clients Successful Together

St. Michael’s puts clients’ needs first, which means that we sometimes bring diverse companies together to satisfy client needs. Therefore, when strategically teaming with other firms, we always consider the impact and benefit to the client. During teaming discussions, we document clear and concise team member roles and responsibilities. We specifically select teammates by identifying those with the complementary capabilities needed to meet agency back office support requirements.

St. Michael’s is a company that has grown from a one-man show to being the premier small business providing back office support. Because of this, we see potential in working with other small businesses, including very small businesses, and large business teaming partners when they can best fill a client need.  Our teaming philosophy is that we subcontract to match the best capability to our customers’ needs and expand our ability to recruit the best candidates. In past efforts, we have sub-contracted with companies as small as one-person to large multi-national corporations. Many of the companies that we have partnered with in the past are recognizable companies that bring extraordinary capabilities to the team.

Want to know more about partnering with us? Email us today at businesspoc@stmichaelsinc.com!