This webpage was created as a means for St. Michael’s to communicate with potential customers regarding our ability to provide world-class professional support services for all Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Program Executive Offices, Directorates, and field activities.

St. Michael’s provides the following details of our prime Seaport-e award:

  1. St. Michael’s has no teammates at this time.

  2. Seaport-e Experience:

    Prime Contract Award – Zone 2 (National Capital)
    30 JUNE 2016    Award

    Task Order 0001
    30 JUNE 2016    $2,500.00

  3. Point of Contact (POC) for providing information on customer satisfaction with the services performed:

    Andy Scarcella
    Vice President of Business Development
    St. Michael’s Inc.
    703-463-9463 ext. 113

  4. A description of St. Michael’s quality assurance program:

    A great Quality Control Plan (QCP) enables high quality deliverables, supports repeatable processes, and reduces the effort required for task execution. For each project, St. Michael’s adjusts our standard QCP methodology to enable Task Order (TO) Leadership Teams and the Government Project Manager (GPM) to readily monitor cost, schedule, and technical performance. This also drives and gauges the quality of results. Our QCP incorporates lessons learned from other support efforts as well as best practices for quality planning, assurance, control, and process improvement. St. Michael’s QCP is customer-focused (capturing baseline requirements and expectations), engages leadership (promoting buy-in and unity), involves the people who perform and manage the work (building a “Team of Teams”), contains process and systems approaches (e.g., promotes understanding of interrelationships and eliminates stove-pipes), each with defined measures and expected outcomes. St. Michael’s QCP is not simply a tool for managers; we use it to maximize quality results across every effort. We create and maintain a quality-focused environment by hosting team-wide discussions as part of our internal kick-off meetings and during monthly updates. We publish the QCP so all personnel can use its guidance in executing tasks. As we onboard personnel, our IDIQ PM and TO Leadership Team provide quality orientation covering the following:

    • Purpose of the QCP and plan components

    • Role of the team’s Quality Lead

    • QCP Implementation approach

    • Methods for improving the QCP

    • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP)

    • Approach for reporting quality

    • Process for building quality reviews into project planning and execution

    • Deliverable-specific standards and timetables

  5. POC for information related to the Seaport-e program:

    Andy Scarcella
    Vice President of Business Development
    St. Michael’s Inc.
    703-463-9463 ext. 113